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Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment – 120 minutes

Recommended for every skin condition, the Classic Treatment is the original Dr. Hauschka Signature Treatment from which all others are derived. Our Certified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician will personalize the approach on this treatment based upon your skin’s specific needs as well as your desired results. The Classic Treatment begins with deep relaxation: a warm sage foot bath and gentle stretching movements for the neck, arms and hands. Lavender-infused compresses introduce you to a holistic facial that includes two mask treatments to nourish, nurture and renew. Soft brushes are used to stimulate the skin’s natural balancing and regenerative impulse. The result is a radiant complexion and a remarkable feeling of lightness and inner balance. This is an ideal treatment if you are seeking true relaxation and visible transformation.

Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Treatment – 90 minutes

Rejuvenation begins with a warm, sage foot bath. Aromatherapy compresses, an herbal steam bath and purifying clay mask encourage deep cleansing. Gentle lymph simulation promotes a renewed sense of well being and a healthy, glowing complexion. A rhythmic conditioner, nourishing mask and soothing décolleté strokes complete the treatment leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

Dr. Hauschka Relaxation Treatment – 75 minutes

Relaxation begins with a warm, sage foot bath and moisturizing treatment for the legs, feet, arms and hands. The face is cleansed following warm, aromatherapy compresses. Gentle, rhythmical hand and brush strokes stimulate the movement of lymph. Next, a nourishing mask is applied to your skin condition followed by relaxing décolleté strokes. Stress and tension melt away, and you leave with renewed energy and a radiant complexion.

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Treatment – 75 minutes

Reveal your radiance with this deep cleansing treatment. First, a warm, sage foot bath draws energy and stress away from the head. The skin is relaxed and prepared for cleansing with warm, aromatherapy compresses. Herb-infused steam softens pores, enabling the Cleansing Clay Mask to absorb excess oil. Gentle hand and brush strokes simulate lymph movement, and bring a decongestive impulse to the skin. Your skin feels fresh, clean and radiant.

Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Treatment – 75 minutes

This treatment is integral to restoring a healthy, radiant complexion. Aromatherapy compresses warm the skin before cleansing. Herbal steam softens and opens pores in preparation for the deep-cleansing clay mask, which absorbs excess oil. Blemishes and blackheads are visibly reduced. A rhythmic conditioner and appropriate day care complete this effective treatment. Your skin feels soothed, purified and radiant.

Dr. Hauschka – 60 Minute Treatment

Take a little time to care for yourself. This treatment begins with warm aromatherapy compresses to relax and prepare the skin for cleansing. Gentle lymph simulation promotes a renewed since of well being and a healthy, glowing complexion. A special rhythmic conditioner, nourishing mask and soothing décolleté strokes complete this treatment leaving you feel refreshed, cared for and radiant.